Achieve Sound Sleep (MP3)


Release Date: 2004 | Downloads include 5 tracks
All tracks are 320 kbps mp3 audio files (CD quality)

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also available as a cd

Restore your natural ability to fall asleep easily, enjoy peaceful dreams and awaken in the morning confident, refreshed and ready to face the new day.

  1. Daytime Guided Meditation – 21:12
  2. Bedtime Guided Meditation – 37:44
  3. Spoken Affirmations – 2:20
  4. Subliminal Affirmations with Music and Ocean – 27:35
  5. Subliminal Affirmations with Music and Mountain Stream – 29:52

Important: If you intend to purchase and download from our store using an iPad or iPhone, the Apple iOS (operating system) does not permit a direct download to iTunes. You can only download our recordings to your Apple or PC desktop or laptop and sync or transfer your recordings to your Apple mobile device via iCloud or iTunes (if you do not use iCloud).

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