Al Miner & Lama Sing

When I was in my late twenties, I had the incredible good fortune (or destiny) to discover a very unique spiritual teacher. I have never before in my travels met anyone with a spiritual teacher quite like mine. I believe I have been incredibly blessed to have this extraordinary opportunity all these many years.

My teacher’s name is Lama Sing. Lama Sing is not a person you can touch or see in the usual sense. Lama Sing is a spirit that speaks through the voice box of the wonderfully gifted psychic, Al Miner (photo at right). This process is known as trance-channeling. Although trance- channeling sounded a bit strange to me at first, a little bit of library research revealed that it has been a part of human experience for a long, long time.

Simply stated, the process of trance-channeling is as follows: first, Al places himself into a very deep meditative state (i.e. sleep). Once this is achieved, Lama Sing begins to speak through his voice box. Because Al is asleep, he must like the rest of us, listen to a tape recording of the session to find out what Lama Sing has said.

Lama Sing has been speaking through Al since 1973. Up until 1945, he spoke to those on the earth through the voice box of another psychic, the famous “Sleeping Prophet,” Edgar Cayce. To learn more about Edgar Cayce visit your local library (or click here) as his life and works are extensively documented. To visit a website devoted to Al Miner and the teachings of Lama Sing, click here.

Lama Sing is playful, fun-loving, and very wise. Roxanne and I have had Lama Sing do life-readings for both of our children upon their births. We have also had numerous personal readings done for the two of us, as well as, health-readings for various family members in times of crisis. The information obtained has allowed us to cure various illnesses, avoid serious surgeries, and has given us the higher insight needed to make the most of our daily lives.

Lama Sing is gentle and compassionate, but he has always pushed us to let go of our limitations in the pursuit of the very best within us. Because of all we have shared over these many years, Lama Sing is loved dearly by both Roxanne and I. It is not an exaggeration to say we talk of Lama Sing as if he was a member of our family.

Roxanne and I will also be forever grateful to both Al and Lama Sing for all the help, encouragement and guidance they gave us while making our cassettes and CDs. We know it was only with their assistance that we were able to create such effective and powerful tools of transformation.

Because I have been so fortunate to receive this guidance for so long, I would like to share with you a little bit of what I have learned. Please remember that what is found here is merely the very small tip of an immense iceberg of information. I sincerely hope you will find the same comfort and strength while reading them as Roxanne and I have.


  • Reincarnation is a FACT!
  • Mankind’s greatest illusion is that life on the Earth is all there is.
  • The true Spiritual reality of the Earth is much grander than it appears to be, say, on a gloomy Monday morning when our alarm clock goes off too early finding us tired, cranky, and suffering from lack of sleep.
  • Life is eternal! There is no “death,” only change. When one has accomplished what they have come to this world to do, it is simply time to move on to the next experience.
  • There is never an accidental death. Even if the death appears random or by chance from our earthly perspective, it is not so. No one dies with out his or her prior consent at a higher soul level.
  • We are never alone. Everyone is being guided by angels, spirit guides, and by God Himself, at all times.
  • It is an honor to live on the planet earth. We have in many cases waited a long time for this opportunity and now that we have it we should endeavor to make the most of it.
  • We choose our families, time and place of birth, and our general life circumstances before we are born.
  • All religions are the “right” religion for those who practice them. Everyone has different needs and God, being unlimited, can reach out to each and every individual soul in a unique way. Therefore, we should never judge another’s choice of religion or belief.
  • All religions teach the same basic truths and lead their followers to the same destination (God).
  • All things are possible with God.
  • Prayer is our greatest power. All prayer is answered in the highest and best way, although the effect is not always visible to those of us on earth.
  • Everyone would benefit from daily meditation. During meditation we are especially open and receptive to spiritual guidance. Luckily, people often “meditate” without even knowing it, such as when listening to soft music or gazing out a window, etc.
  • Being in the right place at the right time is the result of right thinking and following your intuitive guidance.
  • When a person “dies” they experience what they expect to experience (i.e., if they expect to be greeted by Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, or Baha’ullah, etc. they is what they will experience. It should be remembered these highly spiritually evolved entities are capable of being in many places at the same time.
  • It is important not to have overly strong addictions to the pleasures of the earth, such as money, food, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or sex- as they can keep an entity earth-bound upon their death for great lengths of time. Much effort would then have to be taken from the spiritual realms to “rescue” them.
  • All of us humans started out eons ago as what we refer to today as “angels”. Now, when we use the term “angels,” we mean those of God’s children who have never chosen to live in a finite, flesh and blood body.
  • They ask, what is the point? “You guys (those of us in physical bodies) left oneness with God to embark on a great and perilous journey only to have as your ultimate destination the return to oneness with God. Why did you not just stay in oneness in the first place and avoid the entire hassle?”   Good question!
  • We, that have chosen to experience life in the flesh are admired by the angels for our bravery, courage and respected for our hard-won  wisdom.
  • K+E=W (IE., Knowledge plus Experience equals Wisdom).
  • THERE IS NO DEVIL! The Devil is merely a thought-form created by the imagination of man. He DOES NOT EXIST!. So you can stop checking your closet and under the bed for that little red-coated gentleman.
  • No soul is ever lost or destroyed. God loves all his children- including  even Hitler, Stalin, and every other evil monster throughout the course of humanity’s long history.
  • Speaking of history- our current culture does not have a clue as to how far back human history really goes.  Atlantis, and other so-called “myths” of great civilizations of the past are true.
  • Even those people we refer to today as the “Ancient Egyptians” themselves did not have a clue as to how the pyramids got there.
  • Although many other highly evolved spiritual masters have lived here besides Jesus, he is considered the master soul of the earth plane. All souls, whether they consciously realize it or not during a particular lifetime, know and love Jesus.
  • Jesus did not come to the earth to “die” for our sins. He came to inspire humanity by demonstrating the level of consciousness that all of us as God’s children can attain.



Please, dear friends, accept in your hearts the truth of your eternal being. It is just so very important for you to know this. Know that in the grand complex celestial scheme the hand of God is ever upon and would not forsake thee.


Your present earth life is very precious. It is a wondrous opportunity for you to express, to grow, to meet past incompleted works, and to create works of hope and joy for the future.

The reality of the earth is profound. It is meaningful. If it were not, then what purpose would be the opportunity? If you can not test the mettle of your spirit through “real” experiences and opportunities, how can the outcome be assessed in any degree of meaningfulness?

You must strengthen your spirit, your focus, and oneness with God. So doing enhances all else. The inner is eternal and the flow should be from within to without. All things are possible with God! Nothing is impossible unto any of God’s children if they believe. That belief must radiate from within and be complete. All things are possible with God- no qualifiers.

The Law of Grace does supercede the Law of Karma. In the twinkling of an eye, the Law of Grace can bring to an end that which may otherwise take many lifetimes of profound karmic interactions. What is the action required to enact the Law of Grace? You must ask! God’s power is unlimited, omnipotent, and all present. If you believe it, it is so. Be an active participant with God. Do what you know to do and more will be given.

The awakening of the spiritual pattern within is often awakened by the apparent limitations without. Given the stimulus to motivate, many entities can do far more than they ever believed themselves possible.


Once the flesh body has been lain aside, the eternal body is free in a sense to continue determining its pathways and purposes. Death, in the sense of the term in your plane, implies a finality of being. In the truth of God’s being there is no death- only change.

“Death” is a joyful experience. It is one that should be looked at with a joyous reverence. It is much similar to returning to a place that has been very dear to you in the past. It is somewhat like going home.


Clear your minds occasionally. Remove the clutter and those effects which are brought about through daily living in a society which, in a general sense, has forgotten its own voyage. What are the best mechanisms for clearing away cluttered thoughts? Meditation, of course. Prayer for some. Interaction with groups, as in those whom pray together. Service to others often cleanses and clears clutter from one’s mind. And my how this delights the spirit and mind.


Meditation is being at one with God, being attuned to God. You know your wants, you know your desires, your goals, your purposes, your ideal. Certainly give enough credit to God that He too knows. And then enter into your meditation seeking His light. Build from that light then a tranquility to know that all your thoughts have an effect upon all things.


It does not mean that for a karmic action in a past lifetime one must live an entire lifetime to balance with it. Time is not of the significance that you purport it to be on your plane. It is rather that you progress in one, two or twenty lifetimes until your mind and heart are merged in the understanding of the completeness of that karmic action. Once this is accomplished, (and it may be so in one day’s existence or in one hundred thousand days—your choice) then the karmic pattern is balanced and you will choose to go on.


Always remember that God is ever loving. That he would not abandon thee. God’ greatest gift to you in terms of a tool, a mechanism, is prayer. Prayer is the accepting of what is already yours.


Question – Is it true that if we think hard enough on something we will get it if it is good for us and is not for selfish reasons?

Lama Sing: We would find that not only is this statement very often true, but unfortunately many times it is true even if what you want is not good for you, see.

Question – So if we think on something hard enough, even if it is not good for us we can receive that also?

Lama Sing: You are not limited by God, you are limited by self. Your ability to create is not dictated by God. You create for yourself and you experience as an individual. If you experience according to the precise wishes of another being you would be a puppet. This you are not. You are individual co-creators with God. Rightfully, your limitations are self-imposed.


This soul is performing a benevolent act. Please bear in mind, dear friends, that it is not always a joy to remain on the earth plane. These souls are acting out of the need and loving kindness to that of other souls yet remaining on the earth plane. And consider that those who are learning through this experience could not obtain this knowledge in any other singular way. Also the presence of their soul or spiritual force on the earth plane, even though their mind and body may not seem alert by your standards, may be performing great works with others whom are in duress on the earth plane. Very often many of the spiritual forces that are felt in the earth plane in healing works are these same entities who lovingly retain their bodies just to be present with their spiritual force to give Light from the Master to those children in need, you see. Think again next when you meet one such.


Each evening tide when you are slumbering you experience things which you consider dreams. Some of you hold little value in these. You often state that it must have been this or that which I have eaten, or this cross word that someone has stated to me, or various other elements or excuses. In effect it is the cumulative attitude of your conscious being to that point which has brought about the need for the spiritual self to portray those illustrations which can be as a guide or as a directive force to correct your pathway. Of course many beneficial acts are performed in this way. Many blessings are given in this way and the Master’s Touch is often felt in this way more so than any other.


You must love yourselves, dear friends. For thou art the living God as well as thy neighbor.


The question truly is, can one force a Child of God to remain if they do not wish? We believe the answer to this is obvious. You can sustain the physical body but we assure you you cannot captivate a soul. All souls, all beings, belong to God. If the spirit is not present you merely have a combination of chemicals functioning in a pre-ordained method on the earth plane, you see.


This particular dis-ease is perhaps the singular easiest one for those of you whom understand your own abilities and position with God as what you call healers. This one is the easiest one in terms of that which you can conquer. For it exists in mind alone. And the reaction of the cerebral-spinal system and its related systems, and the secretive ability of toxins, cannot be destroyed externally, for they are internally produced, you see. My! My! It is taking your white-coated gentlemen a long time to figure that one out, is it not?

Good thought is perhaps the most important factor in dealing with the dis-ease of cancer. For the thought is the controlling factor in the rebuilding of the body and to the restoration of any cells that are imbalanced.

Your whole body is replaced very rapidly. If this is so, what is the pattern or image? Certainly dis-ease is not the condition which the cells would chose to follow. Thus, there must be some controlling force directing or overriding that of the initial or divine pattern.

As the entity Edgar (Cayce) has given, many foods are very good in balancing the body’s vibratory pattern towards keeping these conditions of imbalance from occurring. These would be almonds to be sure. We would find in some citrus, in teas, in grapes; these all have the certain acidics which tend to blend with the amino acid structure of a body in the physical sense.

Lastly, do avoid hate, stress, and greed. These will certainly build conditions cancerous in any body.


One would do well to celebrate the achievement of another soul whom has gone forward rather than mourn them so grievously. Give honor to them. But the sadness should be as it was by the native Americans some eight to fifteen hundred years previously.

These native Americans often would place themselves around the body of a departed comrade and would be made to sit before this body for day after day until they could completely release all thoughts they held for this entity both good and bad. Until they could, with a clear heart, send love and wish that entity well in his next life, the entity was not permitted to be consumed. Those who were aware of such things identified the entities holding these bonds. It would often be many many days before the entity was allowed to be consumed by the forces from which he was created.

The moral of the story is this: That to tie one’s mental thoughts to another entity in the aspect that one would hold them to the earth plane, is a very difficult thing to unravel for them when they arrive on other realms. It is diminishing to their strength. It is clouding to their awareness. They would diligently pray for thee not only to release them but also to once again find the complete joy and happiness that is rightfully belonging to you.

But we understand the love that is involved here. We would only suggest that when you depart from the ceremony, please leave any bonds, any ties there, you see. Think only wishes of the continued journey and good happiness, awaiting the time when you can commune with them again.


Understand that each entity near thee at this time is dealing with certain points of balance at their soul’s reference point. Be ever loving in your understanding towards them. Be kindly to them that they will progress. And note how they will take you with them just a step further.


It has begun. The awakening is transpiring. The opportunity is many-fold and made manifest to all. And, indeed, it is a cause for rejoicing. It is, as we gave it some time past in earth year measure, the quickening of spirit, the electrifying realization of the power of God within each of his children. And the capacity to perceive the creative essence of God still at work in the fields and forests, in the heavens and deep within the earth. An unfolding… an evolutionary spiral of spiritual awakening, the pinnacle of which contains the potential for becoming at one with the Father again.


Faith is that tool which can easily overcome fear. Fear is a consumptive energy that requires fuel to perpetuate itself. The submission of your own free will to fear is the fuel upon which fear feeds. Fear cannot grow; it cannot flourish, without that which it needs in the energy spectrum. Faith does not nourish fear. Faith is an energy which is self-expanding and which perpetuates itself by its own seeds. Fear is parasitic in that regard and must have a host.

The beauty of faith is that it cannot be eliminated. It cannot be destroyed. There are occasions where your faith can be momentarily obscured by events that, perhaps, habit may cause you to think momentarily that the outer has the power. But in time, you will be brought those evidential happenings that will show you over and over again that there is naught greater than your faith.

Fear not that which lies before thee. Go forward with joy knowing that God is ever present. Throw out doubt and fear like an empty container!


You began in the earth plane as a child; truly without knowledge of the earth plane, its effects, its influences, and the customs which prevail at the time. Now (as an adult) you are somewhat assessed and knowledgeable in terms of these influences. But you have forgotten one thing as a result. That you are the sum total of your experiences, and that God is with you as a force to help mold you into something that you would more so desire.

A child knows this. A child feels the freedom, a genuine love and delight for life. There is rarely a moment wherein the child cannot find some activity, some influence which is joyous, awesome, and inspiring.

And so we would encourage here; be childish in some senses. As the Master has stated, “thee must be as small children in order to enter the kingdom of God”.


Share all joys and all sorrows with your child. That betwixt the two the child shall know contrast, depth, breadth. Shield not the entity in the ways of the earth, but let the child see them and know them. Protect from injury and harm, yet guide so the entity shall know the reality of the earth plane’s experiences.

Let the child cast an eye upon darkness, that light shall ever be seen in its own brilliance and luster, and known for its oneness with God.

Let the child taste of those foods and those things which sour in the mouth, that the entity may know then the infiniteness of the sweetness of the foods of God.

Guide the child in every thought, that there should be seen the understanding of another’s shortcomings. Then the entity can thusly meet her own as she walks through life.

Teach the child how to fail, and to love all of those whom are present to witness same. And to understand that from failure comes the greatest of all growths, for there is love and there is preparation in that which has an objective un-obtained, and yet a spirit still bold, loving and full of Light.

Teach the child to win; that there can be grace, compassion, and yet pride in a goal obtained.

Teach the child fear and sadness. That these can be shed easily and without concern or inhibition. That so much the brighter can the heart sing out, and the notes of laughter be heard in her voice.

Bring forth all truths, be they of the earth plane or realms eternal. That the child can behold these and choose from among those gems, those pearls which shall bedeck her being, her soul.

Teach respect of elders, for theirs is the way of the earth plane and its knowledge, current and past. That the child can share in the glory and grandeur of knowledge and convert it to wisdom by its use.

Teach the child compassion to those whom are infirmed. And as well, give guidance that the entity share not pity but prayer and love for that of their choosing.

Guide the child in ways of wickedness. That the entity shall see these the testings of spirit, and know them as the step stones which they are unto purity of heart, mind and body.

Travel with the child across different lands. That the entity shall see the sun caress many different terrains so that the entity shall know that God has created so many different peoples for the beauty of the earth to behold.

Teach the child in the ways of the ancients, that these shall be carried forward. And that these shall be merged and married to the times and activities of the present.

And above all, give to the child thy love as a fellow soul. Not as a parent, a peer, or an elder; but ever as the most dear thing in the universe—a friend.


It is very pleasant to view a soul whom has newly entered the earth plane. For there is always brilliance, and a warmth; an intense light and a warmth around such.


God is a universal force which surrounds all things, whether they are considered living or innate. Growing up is a process of learning to accept yourself as a part of that God. Though many would see God simply as a viable force, a tremendous creative force without individual nature or characteristic and without form, we quickly assure you that we have oft times seen God expressed as a being, and as a being whom has light, whom has form. It is that God would give thee that which you need to relate to Him.

So, growing up is a process of accepting your oneness with God. It is the process of relearning many things learned in the past. Reapplying them so as to gain a bit more in the total understanding. Remember that your soul is always in rapport with God. Know that you have a continual association with the universe, with all things, with all activities, and with all entities.

Learn to accept yourself as the equal of all others and all others the equal of self. Understand that life is intended to bring joy, and happiness, and fulfillment. And the actions of hostile nature which are found often in the earth plane are merely the frustrations of souls unable to express these points.

Spend some time each day in prayer. And we are not suggesting that you merely recite a prayer from memory again and again, and then consider your daily task fulfilled.

What we are stating in humbleness is, in addition to a prayer of familiarity, speak silently to God within self. Or aloud if you wish. And do so in a familiar and warm way; that you would know God as a part of your living and breathing self, that you would know of the Father as a part of the daily activities. You will find them to be filled with such warmth continually, with so much respect and admiration for yourself, and for all things.

When you view challenges in the earth plane view them from the position that nothing is impossible to you if you will have faith. And then approach these things in life in accord with your desires. This means daily, dear child, reflect upon what you wish from life. How do you wish to build in this lifetime? Consider that experiences are momentary. Consider that material things are always in a state of change, and thus do not remain. And know that your thoughts, your attitudes and your emotions are eternal, for they become a part of the living self which is at one with God.

One need not wander about speaking of God in loud tones so as to draw attention to self, or an attempt to make others see as you do. But rather to live as an example of that which is desired to be imitated, or to be followed, because it brings beauty.

Do these things then and revere and honor those about you. Consider parents to be blessed souls whom are cooperating with thy soul, and share with them love and kindness. Do the same with all about thee, and this shall be returned to thee.

Hasten not into the experiences in the earth plane which are of the material, but study them carefully and meditate upon them, seeing self in the possible options which exist. And then after reflection you will be guided, and you will know of the properness of each activity in accord with your plan, your purpose.

Live by an ideal, and live in accord with that ideal in the pursuit of goals. Choose goals, distant targets towards which your life is directed, that are in harmony with your chosen ideal.


Do not concern, it is just the callings of a soul who did not want to be on thy plane half as much as you think. Whenever we are encountering a very new physical body in those planes it is somewhat humorous, in a loving sense of course, to observe the activities of that soul forced so soon to manipulate a human body. It is very difficult for these little ones. Please be patient with these small ones, for they are doing the best they can. It is an awkward apparatus, you see.

Be mindful this soul is ever listening and absorbing all actions, all thoughts, all activities about him. The soul may enter the earth plane with geometrically the greatest ability to learn at the point of entering, which diminishes as it ages, or loses somewhat the faculties of sensing and intuition.


Such entities, generally speaking, would be found to be victims of excessive pollution of their bodies, excessive absorption of various toxins– — not the least of which are aluminum salts.

Generally speaking, aluminum salts are extremely detrimental to the physical body, largely because of their properties which are such that they remain inert in the body. It is extremely difficult for the body– if at all possible for some bodies – to cause the aluminum salt particles to be dissolved. Anatomically, they are inert: thus, the types of acidics which would actually change them in the biochemical or electrochemical sense are not normally those found in physical bodies. When such acidics are produced, these then can cause by-products which are damaging to the cells and to the infrastructure of the cell. Largely, the nuclei of the cell becomes deformed, causing errant or migrant cell structure, and you know the earth terminology for that, don’t you?


Write down your intent on a piece of paper, hold it between you’re your palms when meditating, and then place the crystal on same, folded over, while you are gone about your day’s activities. Reaffirm that in the evening and in the morning, repeatedly, until all is well.


If eyeglasses are needed, use them… for all things are of God. See? Given with a note of loving humor. Is it possible to rid yourself of these things? Of course. Is it possible for you to believe that? In your belief, in your faith, you open yourself. There may be those activities and habits, past and present, which are causing this limitation to the sight. You may need to find the cause or causes using guided meditation or by examining your dreams. If this is an end result of another cause, then it will recur in some other way, even if you cure this or bring it into a state of well-being. See?


There is an aspect of God which allows for the instantaneous change of any event or circumstance in existence. And that is called God’s grace, or the Law of Grace. This does not mean that you can simply perform any thought, any action or deed that you wish, knowing that when you have completed it you can simply say, “Oh, well. Father, I call upon thy grace to bail me out of this situation.” (Given with a note of loving humor.) For the universal laws are perfect; they are God. And you are, as well, perfect; and, therefore, you cannot hoodwink self into believing that is so. At some level within self, you know you must meet the result of your work.Having performed an act which you believe now, in retrospect, was ill conceived or not in accordance with your ideal, should you lament, should you grieve, should you feel guilt and dreadful remorse over having committed that act? Perhaps you should. Why? Because you are going to do it anyway, no matter what we say to you, that is human nature.Now, we are not contradicting our earlier comments above, for the law is perfect. But it does not mean you cannot grow. The law is intended to inspire growth, and it is through growth of understanding and through increased awareness of self that one can, in essence, escape harvesting in like kind. In other words, once you realize that your thinking, your action, has been out of character, out of conformance to your ideal, your purpose, and your goal; spend time in analysis. Use meditation and prayer, to understand the forces that motivated you to take the action in the first place. And as you do so remember to forgive all those involved. Repeat this process until you can view the entire event without an emotional reaction of guilt or anger towards anyone, including self. Find the purpose; find the factor which contributes to growth and understanding which was a part of the experience.Therein you are working with the Law of Grace. You cannot abandon an act by simply stating that you are abandoning it under the Law of Grace. An action must be met with an equal reaction. Simply stating “I now apply the Law of Grace,” though it could function that quickly, usually does not. For the opportunities presented in the earth and other realms such as it are for growth, and that would simply be throwing away that opportunity for growth, thereby necessitating that you encounter another such opportunity for growth in the future. If you do not learn the first time, you will cause there to be another event like in nature—and another, and another, until you gain from it. See? As a man thinketh in his heart (and that applies to woman, too —with a note of loving humor), so they are. Even though you can hide your thoughts, to the larger extent from others around you in your realm, you are destined to become them, to encounter them. Thoughts which you hold repetitively and with intensity build more rapidly the resulting thought form.

So what is a thought? It is the creative force of God handed to you, for you to do with it as you will. It is that quality of God which has been and ever shall be his gift to you, in accordance with your choice, your free-will decision, to do with as you shall.


Certainly! He hears them all, as do we (the Lama Sing Grouping) whom humbly serve him. But remember this: Let your prayer be joyful. If you pray and muster forth the greatest attitude of love and joy that you can, the resulting prayer that you issue shouts forth across the universe. Not as a harsh voice yelling and bellowing, but as a dazzling, mind-boggling array of light and beautiful music offered to all existence. But if you meekly and wearily and in a state of absence of love and the absence of joy, mechanically recite, “Our Father, whom art in heaven, hallowed be thy name,” it is likened unto whispering in the wind.When you pray henceforth, wait until you feel an attitude of joy and love before doing so. Then pray. And watch. Keep a journal. Observe yourself and your life. Observe the effects of your work. Want to see miracles? Want to do them? Then try this. But with sincerity, not in the sense of drudgery or a rote or dogma. If that’s to be the attitude, then don’t bother. It won’t work.


When you arise, do what you must to become a functioning individual in the earth. In other words, to wake up and immediately begin to think, “I am loved. I am filled with joy. The Father’s joy is within me. His love abounds. God and I are one.” Think these thoughts or vary them to suit your needs. But think in terms of love and joy throughout that day. Strive to bring an attitude of love and joy into all that you do.


Experience is largely, when viewed from the earth, based essentially upon trial and error. It is better to try and err than do nothing at all. There is no gain if you simply remain idle and stationary.

Working in some direction is better than inactivity. For inactivity is a stagnation of the soul at the physical level. One should attempt all times, my friends, to remain active, vital, and alert in your physical plane. That you might much better do the same on another plane in the future.


True love is a state of harmony. Harmony with all things. A state of oneness. A state of attunement with the ideal within, wherein the channeling forth of that signal from self is as close as possible to the channeling of the God force and God love from within. In such instances, most all entities that you encounter would feel this and be attracted to you, in one way or another.


Deny dis-ease. Do not affirm the presence of dis-ease. But do not deny those things which have allowed the dis-ease to make it self manifest. Dis-ease is a condition that has made it’s way into the expression of the earth by way of those conditions, thoughts, and attitudes and emotions which allow a less than perfect image to result. Dis-ease forms itself in the mind and emotion before it manifests into the physical.


Put God first… all things thereafter follow, easily.ON SELF-CONTROL:

The purpose of life in the earth, in all realms, of all experience, is to learn control. Not control of others or of your domain, but the control of self, that you become the master of your own will.


The natural forces of the earth plane tend to purify all that are about them. It is for this reason that we often suggest to entities to abide themselves for a time by the sea, in the mountains, in a meadow or glen. This way they will become cleansed of those errant thoughts that have been troubling them.


A spirit guide’s purpose is to help an entity develop an acceptance of guidance from God, not from they. They act as advisors, as counselors. Their guidance is intentionally brought forward in subtle ways so as to urge you to continually seek within.

If your guides were to appear before you daily and give you verbal instructions, would you not grow to depend upon their daily appearance and instructions? Or would you seek from an unseen, undiscovered, source (God) within self? If you are truthful you will state that you would wait for the being (guide) to appear, as it is far easier. And so you purposely do not see your guides. They do not appear visibly and they do not speak to you directly in most cases. Rather they function through urges, intuitive guidance. The appearance of things which you would call just too coincidental are the workings of your guides.

Within the limits of God’s Laws, your guides can manipulate the physical. They can arrange occurrences, events, within the limits of your will and Gods Law. And they can make it very apparent that a certain choice is not wise by bringing to you all manner of subtle hints. To stub a toe, to lose a book, to misplace something, to find an object long lost. To suddenly see the reappearance of a name repeatedly. To find a number occurring again and again on a certain day of that same number.

Daily meditation will help you become more aware of your guide’s presence and their urgings to seek from within self. Also, the practice of pausing a moment before responding or reacting to situations on the earth plane, allowing the higher self to reflect and make contact with the guides. This is one of the very best methods you can employ.


Do all you know to do the very best you know how to do it and the universal forces will come to your aid.


One must learn to recognize that there is an ever-present abundance available through God’s oneness with you. For as one recognizes His abundance, one realizes that one doesn’t need to store things. God’s abundance will provide for you in any time of need.


When the body is weary, fatigued- or has within its confines dross (waste)- it is very good for same to be immersed in a warm bath container for a period of soaking no less than twenty earth minutes, and unnecessary to exceed twenty-five or thirty. Add to the bath container approximately one-cup measurement of Epson salts -magnesium salts- as they are called, per sixty pounds of body weight, in general. Thus, if your weight were one hundred and twenty pounds you would have approximately two cups of salts of Epson.

If you are particularly excessively fatigued and have the presence of drosses, increase this slightly by a half-cup or more. We would not exceed four cups of Epson salts in any one bath container, as this could be too disruptive to the endocrine, and the

etheromagnetic forces-“the life forces” – which are contained in each body.

The process is one that is defined here as a “soak”. You are not in actuality bathing in this water as such. Immerse the body as completely as you can and rest, relax, allow yourself to be mindful of the presence of GOD in your daily life. The warmer the water, the better. Though do NOT be excessive and cause any harm to the epidermal. After the soak has been completed – approximately twenty-five minutes later- we should remove the body and cleanse it thoroughly with a mild, non-chemical soap, such as coca butter extract or some natural form of soap containing NO – or very little- chemical additives to it.

Your epidermal will be extremely receptive at this time, and chemicals in the soap could penetrate and be absorbed into the system. You will find, at this point, your body is covered with a slight film of dross, and elements, toxins, residuals, which are being excreted by the body. This process has helped this, and now you should remove this from the body, else it may be reabsorbed through the epidermal- thus the reason for showering, or washing off the body thoroughly.

Thereafter, wrap the body warmly and keep the body VERY warm. Then it is best to rest for forty-five to ninety earth minutes. Lie prone, keep very warm, keep the back flat and straight as is possible. Hands to the side, legs straight out, and if you are in a process or schedule of massage, this is an excellent time for the massage to be applied. The body will be very receptive to the balms or ointments used, and to the manipulation of the visceral membrane and other portions of the body structure. It is an excellent time for meditation. You will be cleansed of errant thoughts and you attitude should be very receptive.


My inner guidance is telling me that although I could go on much, much longer it is time for me to stop typing. I believe I have put down enough information here so that you should be able to get an idea of the power and profound beauty of the Lama Sing Readings.

What is here is, of course, just the very small tip of a very large iceberg. Lama Sing has been communicating to those of us on the Earth through the channel, Al Miner, since 1973.In that time he has given thousands of tape recorded readings on just about every subject imaginable.

Since 1986, Roxanne and I have been members of a very special group of Lama Sing students called the “Voyagers.” The “Voyagers” are various entities like ourselves scattered around the world which take part in various learning, prayer and healing activities under Lama Sing’s direction. We feel that this has been one of the most valuable learning experiences of our lives and both Roxanne and I will be forever grateful to Al and Lama Sing for this wonderful opportunity.

Every six months or so, the Voyagers begin what is referred to as a new “project”. In the past these projects have covered a wide range of subjects, i.e. Dreams, Spiritual Attunement, Prayer, Universal laws, Abundance, Creating Miracles, to name but a few. These projects are open to all that feel “guided” to take them.

If you would like a list of the Lama Sing lectures that are available to purchase, or to learn more about an upcoming Project, please contact Al Miner at his website